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Spare Call Out Threshold#37

Our Hockey team carries 14 regular players (who never all show up). We will play with up to 14 if all regular players show up but only want to call a spare up if we get below 10. This is the case for a number of the teams we play locally with for both Softball and Hockey.

Is it possible to put a “spare call out threshold” or something that it will only call out spares if the roster for a game dips below that number?

a month ago

I didn’t see this. I wrote the same feedback. I second this!

19 days ago

I think timeboxing this would be ideal. 48 hours before the game if you are < 10 RSVP then the spares are autoinvited.

6 days ago

Exactly. That prevents us from using the auto invite feature, makes a lot of sense!

6 days ago